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Who is the Park Keeper?


The answer to that question should be like the answer to the question 'Which one of you is Spartacus?' in the 1960 Stanley Kubrick film - we all are, everyone! We are all parkkeepers if we care about the future of Britain's parks and open spaces and should be prepared to champion them, raise their political profile and campaign against the destructive funding cut-backs,  neglect and decline. They are crucial to the health and wellbeing of  our society, but, like windows are important in buildings, they are politically invisible and taken for granted.  


This site is managed by a former Head of Environmental Services for a large Metropolitan Borough, Bernard Sheridan, a consultant providing advice and management support to local authorities and organisations.


With a background in parks, countryside, horticulture and sports turf management, he has particular expertise in developing green space policies and strategies, grounds maintenance specifications, biodiversity and wildlife, community involvement and devising and delivering operational plans and services.


Bernard is an RHS Master of Horticulture, a Chartered Horticulturist and Member of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture; was awarded the NDT (Institute of Groundsmanship) and is a long-standing Green Flag Award Judge. 








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